Presnell Family History

From England to the New World

         Over 300 Years in America

Mike Presnell

 Colonel, US Army (Retired)


Researching the Presnell Family History for over 30 years


Welcome to the Presnell Family History Website

The purpose of this website is to share information about our family heritage and hopefully help cousins find their connection into our family tree.

The Presnell family has a very rich and interesting history in America.  Our family helped to build this great country and has witnessed our Revolution, the American Civil War, the Westward Expansion and more.

I have amassed a great deal of information in over more than 30 years of research and am always willing to share anything I have found.  However with the scarcity of existing records in the early 1700s there are still a few unsolved mysteries.  It is my hope, that we can use this website to also engage in discussions to help solve many of these mysteries.



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There is also much misinformation about the Presnell history on the internet, and hopefully we can use this site to cleanup many of the mistakes.

You will find a lot of information available on this website for general public viewing. Check back often, as this will always be a work in progress.    There is also a database consisting of more than 13000 persons that you can view by simply requesting a user ID.   Since the database contains living persons, I simply need to know who has access to this information. You will find the link to this database at Related Links.